Elementary school for children with hearing impairment

Vision and Goals

At our elementary school for children with hearing impairment in Hradec Kralove we educate deaf, hard of hearing and students with cochlear implants.

We strive is to achieve the same educational standards as that of the schools of the hearing majority. We realize how essential it is for everybody to grow up in a loving and stimulating environment. Smooth and proper communication between a child and parent is a prerequisite for harmonious development of the child.  That is, effective communication development within the family goes hand in hand with the development of the child’s mental and psychological development. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a language that is accessible (visually, aurally and/or tactilely) to the child and through which it can naturally evolve. 

Teaching at the Elementary School

Our goal is to educate a person so that they can educate themselves, choose a profession, find a job and own place in the society. It is not an easy task to achieve the objectives above. Teaching methods and objectives are divided according to the degree of hearing impairment and the individual needs of each student.

For students with severe hearing impairment, the objective is to master the language of the majority society – the Czech language in its written form. The development of spoken language is supported by speech therapy, but the level of language acquisition varies with each student.

For students with mild hearing impairment or with cochlear implants, we focus mainly on the development of spoken language during their education. 

Students of our school also actively learn sign language.