Interpreting program

Czech Sign Language Interpreting

(code: 75-33-N/02)

General Information

  • Length of studies: 3 years
  • Program Structure: Daily
  • Classes Start: September 2021
  • Deadline for 1st round of applications: 14. May 2021
  • Deadline for 2nd round of applications: 31. May 2021
  • Deadline for 3rd round of applications: 29. August 2021
  • Maximum number of candidates accepted: 28

Applicants who wish to waive any subject, must have valid documentation from an accredited school. If the subject is Czech Sign Language, some students can be tested and evaluated to determine the level at which a student must begin. Each request for waiver will be assessed on an individual basis.

A graduate from our college will acquire the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to be a working interpreter of Czech/Czech Sign Language.

Employment Possibilities

  • • Czech/Czech Sign Language Interpreter
    • In education (schools, university, etc.)
    • o In the community (wherever people interact, conferences, doctor’s office, government offices, banks, etc.)
    • Translation work (working in teams with Deaf to create teaching materials, websites, etc.)
  • Teacher’s Assistant

Admission Requirements

• Must complete secondary school education
• Personal perquisites include: motivation, communication skills and medical fitness
• Appropriate level of general knowledge
• Basic understanding of the Deaf Community and their culture
• Basic understanding of the communication methods used between hearing and Deaf

Knowledge of Czech Sign Language is not a requirement for admittance. However, the physical and psychological requirements to learn and master a visual-gestural language is required.

For more information about the application process go here.