Preschool and Afterschool Education

Program code: 75-31-M/01
Four-year program
This program is designed for students with special educational needs. If necessary, the studies can be extended by one or two years.
The program is suitable for both girls and boys who are interested in working with children and youth.

Program characteristics

Students are taught how to work educationally with and explore the interests of children and youth. They learn how to support the development of a child’s intellectual, emotional, physical and social skills, as well as knowing how to understand and communicate with them.

They need to acquire knowledge and skills in pedagogy, psychology, biology, art, drama, physical education, and music. They are taught to ensure a child’s safety, as well as their own. They acquire the principles of a healthy lifestyle and learn to follow the legal standards which govern their future job performance.

Obligatory sports courses are also part of the studies. There is a skiing, swimming and a hiking course.

Students can gain experience working with children and youth during their practicum-placement in our preschool, our afterschool care facility and our residential dormitory. They have to prepare activities for children, plan, organize, manage and finally evaluate their projects.

In their senior year of studies, they must do an extended placement outside our school.

Graduate employability

Graduates can work as preschool teachers, or in afterschool care facilities, school clubs, residential dormitories, etc. They can also find employment in other institutions which require qualifications in education.

Students who pass the graduation exam can apply for higher education, be it at a university or an occupational college with a similar focus.