Secondary school

The secondary school is a part of a complex of schools for Deaf and hard of hearing students. It is located in Hradec Králové.

Education and Graphic Design

The school offers two programs: Preschool and Afterschool Education and Media Graphic Design. These are the only programs of this kind in the Czech Republic open to Deaf and hard of hearing students. Their graduates get full secondary education and qualifications for work in their respective fields of study.

Gastronomy and Woodworking

The school also offers programs in gastronomy and woodworking. The woodworking programs are the only ones in the Czech Republic, and in combination with the follow-up studies in furniture-making they offer the graduates a full secondary education. All of the programs provide qualification for given jobs and help young Deaf and hard of hearing people integrate into society.

Our school was established in accordance with the education law (§ 16, odst. 9). Only students with a recommendation from an advisory facility focusing on pupils with special educational needs can study at our secondary school.You can find more information on the individual programs here.