Media Graphic Design

Program code:  34-53-L/01
Four-year Program
This program is designed for students with special educational needs. If necessary, the studies can be extended by one or two years.

The program is suitable for both girls and boys.

The study program focuses on acquiring technical and artistic knowledge and skills necessary for designing and creating printed materials, electronic publications, web design and digital photographs, as well as preparing data for both the printing industry and digital printing.

An extra focus is given to the graphic design of printed materials and its processing in professional graphics software. In the lessons, students learn about all the technological and production processes which they might need during their placements.

School Equipment

Specialized subjects are taught using the same hardware and software which students will use during their placements. All classrooms are equipped with a projector allowing the teacher to show given tasks clearly.

grafik – učebna

We work with Apple desktop computers and professional software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. There is also a high-quality scanner, a digital color printer, and other finishing equipment (a paper cutter etc.). Thus, students become acquainted with the full process of making printed material.

Recently, the school has also acquired a studio flash system and other equipment necessary for teaching digital photography in a photographic studio.

Graduate Employability

Graduates of this program are highly employable. They can work as graphic designers in graphic studios, advertising agencies, publishing houses, and magazines. They can work in specialized companies and institutions which focus on web design and the production of multimedia presentations. Such employment includes working in indoor and outdoor large-scale advertising, and expositions.

Graduates are also ready for specialized work in printing companies making magazines, books, advertising material and covers. Thanks to the knowledge acquired during their studies, the graduates are prepared to develop their professional skills as freelancers, too.

Students who pass the graduation exam can apply for higher education, be it at a university or an occupational college with a similar focus.