About us

Štefánikova Kindergarten is a specialized workplace providing professional (prevention and interventional) care for children with hearing, speech and combined disabilities. Children are accepted on the recommendation of the Special Pedagogical Center for Children with Hearing Impairments, Duháček (more information on and the Center for Children with Speech Impairments, Logáček (more information on )

In our pre-school facility, qualified educators and assistants provide all-round educational care to children aged three to seven according to the School Educational Program entitled “Discovering the World with a Smile”. This program is complemented by intensive individual and collective speech therapy and guarantees the best and smoothest possible start in school life. The aim is to overcome language and communication barriers and to make children confident individuals despite their disabilities.

Currently, the kindergarten offers education in a total of four classes. In one class, children are brought together with severe hearing impairments, which are comprehensively devoted to two Deaf and one hearing teacher, as well as a speech therapist specializing in deaf education. The essence of such personnel composition is the effort to educate children bilingually, that is, through Czech and Czech sign language. Such an approach leads to the full development of communication skills both within the deaf community and the community at large, in addition to the creation of a healthy identity of the child. Following pre-school education, children can continue their education at the primary school for deaf and hard of hearing children on campus (more on Elementary school for children with hearing impairment).

Hard of hearing children are then enrolled in the remaining classes for students with speech defects, where they learn to communicate mainly in Czech and thus prepare for life in society. In the given classes, deaf and hard of hearing children and children with different types and degrees of speech defects are given maximum collective and individual speech therapy, which is provided by speech therapists with the help of hearing teachers and their assistants. After graduating from kindergarten, children can enter a different primary school or continue on campus at the elementary school, which provides speech therapy creating all of the conditions for complete elimination of speech defects (more on ).

Children with combined disabilities are assessed individually and are divided into groups depending on the type and severity of any of the disabilities. The care provided by special educators from surdopedes, psychologists and other specializations is given to them in such a way as to help them overcome the obstacles of everyday life and engage them in mainstream society as equal individuals.

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