Center of Complex Professional Support “Duháček”

Associated with the School for the Deaf, the Center of Complex Professional Support “Duhacek” provides services for clients who are deaf or hard of hearing as well as for CODA clients, for clients with speech and communication impairment, and also for clients with vision impairment. The mission of the Center is to enhance learning and educational outcomes for all its clients wherever they might be placed together with supporting and promoting their overall well-being. The Center consists of three branches: Early Childhood Intervention Center, Psycho-Pedagogical Services, and Center for Methodological Support to Schools. The Center also assists clients with the transition from school to adulthood and professional career.


E-mail: info@ckop.cz
Mobil: +420 606 716 320, +420 702 088 481;

Štefánikova 549, 500 11 Hradec Králové
Karlínské náměstí 59/12 (6. patro), 186 00 Praha 8
Web: www.ckop.cz

SPC for children with speech impediments – Logáček

SPC for children with speech impediments was established as a regional counselling center. It is a school counselling center which focuses on care for speech impaired clients. It offers its services to children approximately 3-19 years of age, their parents and teachers. SPC functions in the Kralovehradecky region. The entire care is provided free of charge.

We offer

  • Complex logopedic diagnostics
  • Psychological examination
  • Diagnosing of learning disabilities in pupils with speech impediments
  • Individual speech therapy
  • Examination of school readiness
  • Recommendation of suitable supporting measures for an educational facility
  • Assistance with selecting suitable pre-school and school facility
  • Professional consultancy and methodological assistance for parents and teachers
  • Early childhood care

Counselling for pupils

Assistance with solving speech problems, learning problems, specific learning disabilities, personal and relationship issues of teenagers

Counselling for parents

Counselling for parents of children with impaired communication abilities, assistance with selecting suitable pre-school, elementary school or secondary school facility, setting supportive measures for children with impaired communication abilities and offering specialist lectures

Counselling for teachers

Methodological assistance for teachers educating children with impaired communication abilities, regular meetings with pre-school facilities and specialist lectures for educators


E-mail: info@spcduhacek.cz
Telefon: +420 495 267 734
Web:  http://www.spclogacek.cz/