Fields of Study

Professional high school training ensures the following fields of education:

Graduation study:

Preschool and extracurricular pedagogy

This field of study is completed by a graduation test. The study prepares future teachers of preschool education, educators, assistants, teachers. 

The graphic designer for media

This field of study prepares students for the work aimed at the production of magazines, books, advertising materials, processing of graphical digital data, web design, multimedia presentations and more.

Graduation advanced studies:

Furniture and wood industries

Three-year program is completed by a graduation exam for trained carpenters and carvers.


Three-year program is completed by a graduation exam for trained chefs and pastry chefs. It is focused primarily on the areas of administration, economic and business activities.  

Disciplines of education group “H”


Artistic cabinetmaker and the carver

Four-year program of study ending with a final examination preparation for the work in manufacturing plants (certificate of apprenticeship allows you to get a business licence).

The chef – waiter

Pastry chef

This is preparation for the work of independent chefs, cooks in school canteens, in all catering establishments, including dietary cuisine, pastry chef, pastry chef in sweetshops and in all catering establishments (apprenticeship certificate allows you to get a business licence).

Disciplines of education group „F”

Cabinetry and upholstery production

Accommodation and food services

Food production

Pupil’s can receive applications for these studies at their PRIMARY school or you can download it here.