Interpreting team

Our school provides interpreting between Czech and Czech Sign Language. This allows maximum access to barrier-free communication between pupils, students, teachers and other employees not only during classes but also during any activities organized by our school.

An interpreter is present mainly in our high school and college level courses, during tests, entrance exams, final exams and graduation exams, excursions, field trips, class meetings, teachers’ meetings and other activities that are necessary for everyday operations. Other events that are interpreted as well are of course departmental meetings, consultations, meetings with parents, school events or theatre plays that are organized by our kindergarten, elementary school or high school.

The interpreters follow School policies and Code of Ethics of the Czech Chamber of Sign Language Interpreters of which most of them are also full or associate members.

Code of Ethics  (document in Czech)

All members of the interpreting team continue with their life-long education in their field (also with the financial support from our school). You can read more about some of the interesting workshops and conferences that our interpreters attended when you visit their individual pages (in Czech).

The interpreting team is currently composed of 6 interpreters and the head of the team is Pavla Pichová.

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